CoolMax Boot Socks with Patented Gaiter Cuff

coolmax boot socks
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  • Prevents sand, pebbles, dirt, stickers, burrs, and other debris from entering boot
  • Stops annoying sock slippage down into boot
  • Keeps boot laces secure and tied
  • CoolMax® fabric wicks away moisture to keep feet comfortable and dry
  • Patented boot socks made in the USA
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lloyd riddle's boot socks with patented cuff and CoolMax
Lloyd S. Riddle, Inventor
Boot Topper Boot Socks

I have been an avid outdoorsman my whole life.  I enjoy nothing more than spending a few days outside – hopefully with my dogs by my side!  I love to hunt, fish hike, work in the yard, and generally just knock around outside.  I like being off the beaten path, and sometimes that means getting a bit grubby. Much of the time in warmer weather, we hike in boots and shorts.


What I don’t enjoy is all the debris that gets stuck inside my work or hiking boots whether I am in the woods, or doing carpentry or yard work.  I don’t like untied laces, and I don’t like it when my hiking socks fall down inside my boots. While I think I have a fairly decent collection of outdoor gear, I have never been able to purchase anything that can eliminate all these annoyances in one fell swoop.


Boot Socks for Hiking, Hunting, & More

My love of nature and the great outdoors is why I decided to develop Boot Topper Boot Socks.  I came up with the concept several years ago while on a hunting trip in the great Rocky Mountains.  My aggravation over the amount of ground debris stuck inside my boots was starting to overshadow my pure enjoyment of being outdoors.  I tried wearing two pairs of hiking socks, pulling one pair up, and folding the other pair over the top of my boots.  That worked great at keeping everything out of the boots, but the same debris was getting stuck between the two pairs of socks.  I have never been a big exterior gaiter fan due to the hassle of putting and keeping them on.


Work Boot Socks for Construction Workers, Landscapers, Military Soldiers & Others

I was reminded of a news clip I had watched about the U.S. soldiers in Kuwait and Iraq, marching through a sandy and rocky land destroyed by war.  I watched a soldier pouring sand out of his boots and thought that there must be a solution to that problem.  Sure, you can always wear bulky gaiters, but two pairs of socks would work great if there could be a way to attach them together, thus keeping debris out all together.  Why cant we put a gaiter and sock into one item?


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Perfect boot socks with gaitor cuff for hunters, soldiers, construction workers, hikers, landscapers, and anyone who wears work boots, hiking boots, etc.

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Dear Boot Topper Socks;

"I LOVE your boot socks! Your socks keep all the junk out of my boots as I put in a LOT of miles in the mountains and at work. I love your socks because they NEVER let the sock sneak down into the boot!"
Captain Rob Effinger
Montana Air National Guard


For Immediate Release

REINVENTING BOOT SOCKS - CASTLE ROCK, CO, February 1, 2006 – Elk Products, LLC, a manufacturer of innovative camouflage and outdoor clothing announces the launch of Boot Topper boot socks, a groundbreaking advance for anyone who wears work boots or hiking boots. Boot Topper boot socks feature an integrated fabric gaiter flap which can be folded over the boot top to prevent debris from entering the boot. The cuff keeps debris from entering the boot, prevents annoying sock slippage down into the boot, keeps laces dry, covered and tied, and the premium weight COOLMAX construction keeps moisture away, resulting in comfortable and dry feet.   Click to read more>>

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